Nordic Stories is an exhibition space & communications platform dedicated to raising international awareness of exceptional Contemporary artworks, which originate in Scandinavia.

Our commitment to illuminating & sharing the best of contemporary Nordic art begins with conscious curatorial choices that have a discernible red thread. Collectively, these threads help nurture a better understanding and appreciation of Nordic art, within an International context.

Our physical exhibitions are complemented by a thoughtfully curated digital space: nordicstories.com.  This platform is used to profile our artists and their works, and to highlight noteworthy events that are shaping the Nordic art world. It is our recipe for bringing the best of contemporary Nordic art under one umbrella, and to make it more accessible to new audiences. We believe that a strong online presence gives us broad, international reach, ensuring that the artists we exhibit can be discovered, appreciated and collected by art enthusiasts everywhere.


Our Approach :

We pride ourselves on having a narrow focus, in that we limit the site to artwork that originates in Scandinavia. This allows us to be the experts on what we know best.

We are committed to exhibiting work that is thoughtfully curated. In this way, we can present Art in a meaningful context, ensuring purpose & excellence in everything we do.

In selecting artworks and content for this platform, we aim to make Nordic Stories equally inspiring and valuable for ‘art novices’ as it is for ‘art experts’. Our philosophy is that everyone should live with art and our goal is to make that possible.


The Founder:

Nordic Stories was founded by Stockholm based Curator / Contemporary Art Consultant, Kirsten Hinder. Kirsten has degrees in Art History, Women’s Studies and Photography, as well as Master’s in International Curating, Management & Law. This -in combination with her extensive work experience in the fields of Art Direction and Gallery Management- makes Kirsten the perfect author of this Story.

“I am passionate about contemporary Nordic art. This passion will resonate in each artwork I select and exhibit, and will inspire the choices behind Nordic Stories’ thoughtfully curated collections.”


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