Ditte Ejlerskov


Ditte Ejlerskov is a Danish Contemporary artist whose artistic practice is a refreshing mix of classical abstract painting and a conceptual project-based approach. Her artworks consists of paintings, publications and prints, and each medium is is used to interpret and comment on our collective contemporary reality.

Media literacy and pop-culture are sources of inspiration for much of Ditte’s work. The artist weaves multi-layered tales whose threads reference everything from contemporary music videos & Paparazzi photographs to written correspondences with email frauds. She is observant of the space between the personal and public, questioning how individual experiences are formed within a stream of collective consciousness.

Ditte’s work has a strong feminist orientation, with gender disparity often at the core of her artistic agenda. Her project “About: The Blank Pages” (for which she collaborated with artist Eva Marie Lindahl), is a widely applauded critique of Taschen’s Basic Art series. This biographical artist survey consists of 95 biographies, of which only 5 profile women artists.

In 2012, Ditte was one of 17 artists to be nominated for The Carnegie Art Award, the Nordic region’s most prestigious Art prize.

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