Inka & Niclas


Inka Lindergård (b. 1985, Finland) & Niclas Holmström (b. 1984, Sweden) are an artistic duo whose work investigates how photographs form our expectations of nature and landscapes. Theiartworks are included in private and public collections internationally.

Inka & Niclas’ photographs have as their starting point common, generic renditions of landscapes and natural phenomenaTheir practice in an inquiry into what constitutes the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena. They view the moment of exposure as paramount, and often work with temporary installations and actions made solely for the camera and point of exposureThey investigate how a constant stream of landscape imagery influences us, but also what happens during the act of taking a photographspecifically, the intersection between the photographic and physical realities. 

This artist duo’s unique, and labor intensive work process employs illusion as a conceptual tool. By enacting the situations they photograph, they make a commentary on the abundance of illusive landscape imagery, and raise questions about how our perception of reality is affected by our over consumption of photographic imagery.

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