Nordic Stories is proud to announce its inaugural Canadian exhibition, at Studio B. in Toronto, Canada.

“A Nordic Story” is a thoughtfully curated collection of contemporary artworks by 6 Scandinavian artists you may already have discovered on our site.

This exhibition was conceived to transcend geographical borders and engage Canadian audiences in a shared Nordic narrative. As a Canadian living in Sweden, I have become increasingly attuned to cultural similarities derived from an analogous, existential experience. Northern cultural endurance is heavily reliant on the subjugation of Nature, and taming of extreme elemental forces, emphasizing the inextricable struggle between Nature and human desire for Order.

The complex relationship between Humans and Nature is abundantly evident in the works of the artists included in this exhibition. In their own way, each of them nudges our collective conscience by confronting us with imagery representing crucial themes of global warming, migration, gender inequality, social isolation and over-industrialization.

The 6 participating artists are: Inka & Niclas, Ida Persson, Ditte Knus Tønnesen, Petra Lindholm, Jesper Dyrehauge & Ditte Ejlerskov.

The artworks can be viewed (and purchased) at Studio B., 380 King Street East, Toronto

Exhibition dates:  October 28 – January 31.


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