Nordic Stories is excited to announce the opening of Suspension – The first International exhibition of works by Canadian artist, Johanna Reynolds!


Abstracting imagery from the natural world has been a point of departure for Johanna, whose mixed media paintings for this body of work explore themes of cycles that start and stop, suspend and continue in looping patterns.

It is hard to resist being drawn into these beautiful compositions and sometimes-quirky colour palettes – Even the smallest of works appears to have something monumental to say. Whatever the message, it is clear that the artist is inviting 
us in to her personal journey which – in the artist’s own words – is fueled by “delightfully open-ended visions, bordering on fantastical”.

Johanna studied Art History and Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. After 20 years of pouring her creative energies into various artistic and curatorial endeavors, including driving one of Toronto’s most originally programmed art galleries, Johanna’s focus has now fully turned to her own practice, bringing her to this exciting crossroads in her career.


The Artworks:


Artist Statement:

Paintings in the series Suspension are meditations on worlds suspended. These pieces are expressions of thoughts and moods; natural reactions to my own suspended disbelief surrounding the state of our environment, democracy, motherhood, creativity, ageing and my quest to process what it means to be here at all, right now. The calming, minimalist palette is a left turn from my more graphic and energetic colour schemes, but thematically, the shapings and markings are very much in keeping with organic formations I’ve always come back to over my art making life.



In keeping with the theme of this body of work, the paintings of Suspension are presented between two countries, Canada & Sweden, hanging in aerial existence. In Sweden, the paintings will be on view at “Affärshuset”, Dalarö, from Saturday August 11 – Friday August 17, and thereafter by appointment.

Additional artworks from Suspension can be viewed in Toronto, by appointment with the artist.

For inquiries, please mail us at: or contact us by telephone:  +46 73 744 0445
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