Ebba Bohlin

Move a Mountain, 2006, 2008

Mountains are often used metaphorically to symbolize Power – They represent something constant and stable, and intrigue us with their promise of something remote and unattainable. We are able to see mountains from a distance, but when we approach them, they become almost abstract, and difficult to survey.

In this artwork, Ebba has presented her audience with an animated illusion of a “mountain”. In reality, it is not a mountain, but rather a pile of gravel. The depicted "mountain" is filmed over a period of several hours, through the night and into the daylight. The passage of time creates an effect of a slow “dissolving”, which has a double meaning: As it becomes gradually lighter, the viewer finally becomes aware of what she is seeing. The foreground of the animation comes into focus, revealing several mountains made by human hands, which, in fact, can be moved, recreated and dissolved. This video work was shown at Konstfack, Stockholm in 2006, and at Akershus Kunstsenter, in 2008.

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